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Featured Testimonials

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Singgih Aji Wibowo

PT. Gajah Tunggal Tbk. Manager R&D Testing

A pleasant experience of of learning the latest in mechanical, control, technopreneurship, etc. After studying at SGU, I always wanted to apply what is obtained at SGU to try to be applied appropriately in order to benefit the company and the community while increasing self-competence. The courses I enjoy most are Algorithm Programming, Machine Dynamics, Real-Time Systems, Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems, Technopreneurship, Digital Signal Processing.
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Hendryg Sansury Tampubolon

Airbus Helicopters Indonesia
Chief Inspector / Lead Auditor

The program provided by SGU is very compatible with the industrial world at this time is increasing my understanding of the global industry. The courses I enjoy most are Innovation Technology Management, Sensors, and Actuators, Mechatronic System Design

Understanding the above, facilitating me to see the system, in more detail, facilitate, decide, whether it is acceptable, or not, from the perspective, quality, and objective safety. I am easy to detail the problem so the decision/procedure must be made right and can be applied.


  • Physics lab.
  • Electrical engineering lab.
  • Pneumatic lab.
  • Automation lab.
  • Control lab.
  • Mechanical Workshop.
  • Electrical workshops.