Concentration Option


Mechatronics is a multi-disciplinary study dealing with the integration of mechanical devices, actuators, sensors, electronics, intelligent controllers and computers. Many new generations of consumer or commercial products can be classified as mechatronic products as they involve mechanical as well as electronic components. The need for mechatronic education has grown due to the increase in the number and importance of such systems and devices.


The aim is to educate engineers and engineering managers with competencies in mechanics, electronics and software including the interplay between the technologies. The study programme qualifies the graduate engineer to carry out, participate in, or lead the development of mechatronic products.

Engineering Management

Engineering Management is dealing with designing, improving, optimizing, operating and managing multilevel integrated systems of technology, business and organization in the industry in order to improve the system performance, quality, products and service innovations. Management level in the industry should be knowledgeable in this area of expertise and will be able to support the implementation of Industry 4.0 in integrated system aspect.


The aim is to produce personel with engineering and management competencies who are expert in engineering and innovation with managerial and entrepreneurial skills. The study program qualifies the graduate engineer to lead the innovations and process improvements at executive positions or as entrepreneur